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Wiltshire Treehouse helps children and young people who have been effected by the death of someone important to them.


You may be looking at our site because you are worried about a child or young person you know. Or perhaps you are young and have experienced the death of someone very close to you.


You are not alone. We can help. 



We can offer:

  • Telephone advice and support to parents, helping adults to understand their child and how to best support them

  • Direct work with children and young people effected by bereavement - CURRENTLY POSTPONED

  • Advice and training for professionals, helping schools and other organisations support the bereaved children they work with - CURRENTLY TAKING PLACE OVER PHONE OR ELECTRONICALLY

  • Referrals for more specialised help


Our service is provided free of charge to families living in Swindon or Wiltshire.




Help for a Child


From Monday 23rd March 2020 - If you are a parent or carer looking for help or advice about a child please email a contact name and telephone number to admin@wiltshiretreehouse.org.uk

PLEASE do not send any other personal information at this point. We will aim to contact you by phone within 10 day working days, sooner if we can.


Please note that we only accept referrals directly from families (not professionals) unless there are exceptional circumstances. 



We welcome enquiries from professionals. We can offer advice, resources and information about our service.


For all professional enquiries please email admin@wiltshiretreehouse.org.uk or contact Kath Brownlee, Bereavement Service Lead on 07493509750.  


We aim to reply to referrals and enquiries within 10 working days.  



We do not receive any funding from the government or local authorities. Donations from members of the public are very important to us. Your support means that we can continue to provide our service free of charge to families in need.

If you would like to help please visit http://www.treehousewiltshire.org.uk/events-fundraising



Your Information

To view our Privacy Notice please visit: http://www.wiltshiretreehouse.org.uk/our-policies/privacy-notice/privacy-notice.aspx


Dear Parent/Guardian


The safety of our families, staff and volunteers is of the upmost importance to us. With this in mind, we have taken the decision to postpone all face to face work in line with government social distancing measures to manage the current Coronavirus outbreak. This includes all groups and individual appointments. We will do our best to support families by phone, should they wish us to do so. 


We recognise that this may be an unsettling and worrying time for some children and young people because;

  • they see and hear news about the virus which can worry them

  • school/club/childcare/family routines may change

  • they may worry about becoming unwell themselves

  • they may worry about loved ones becoming ill


Although children can be extremely resilient we know that times like this may particularly effect bereaved children, who have already experienced the death of someone close to them. Feelings about the virus may mirror some of the feelings of grief such as shock, denial, anger/blame, depression, looking for solutions, and acceptance. For this reason, it is not unusual for situations like this to bring about a new wave of grief for children and young people.


From experience we know that the support children get at home can be really important to them. In addition to support at home, it can also really help older children to connect with people online.


For this reason, we have pulled together some resources to help you in supporting your child to talk about their grief, and to talk about any worries they have about Coronavirus. These can be found at the bottom of this page.


Our key messages at this point are that;

  • We will return to business as usual as soon as it is safe to do so, and we will be led by government guidance on this. We will keep you updated with any changes via our website and social media.

  • We will offer families bereavement support via phone. All of our families taking part in groups should have now heard from us via text or phone call, and we will be in touch via phone soon. For new families wanting support, please get in touch if you need us. Simply send your name and contact telephone number to admin@wiltshiretreehouse.org.uk (for confidentiality reasons PLEASE do not send any other personal information at this point). We will aim to contact you via phone within 10 working days. 

  • Whatever children and young people feel is OK – they may feel ok, or (for example) low or anxious. We all deal with grief and times of change differently, and that is OK - please do let them know this.

  • Please encourage your child/young person to communicate their feelings – whether this is talking at home, with family or friends or with professionals. Communication can be via electronic means if face to face talking is difficult, and there are some links to online support at the bottom of this page. 

  • Seek support when you need it - either from us or from the organisations listed below. 


Thank you for your understanding, and we shall see you all when the time is right.  


19th March 2020

Kath Brownlee

Bereavement Service Lead

Wiltshire Treehouse


Further Support and Information

Parent Telephone Helplines

  1. Wiltshire Treehouse phone lines (please leave a message and we will get back to you within 3 working days)

          Kath Brownlee, Service Lead – 07493509750

          Jeannie McLeod, Support Worker - 07514476250

  1. Young Minds Parent Helpline (help when you are worried about a child or young person’s mental health) https://youngminds.org.uk/contact-us/


Information for parents

  1. BBC News Coronavirus: Keep it simple, stick to facts - how parents should tell kids https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51734855

  2. Child Bereavement UK – How to build resilience in bereaved children (information sheet)      https://www.childbereavementuk.org/Handlers/Download.ashx?IDMF=d27f1a97-bfd2-446e-99d0-a46e9a0baa26

  1. Child Bereavement UK - How can I support a grieving child? (video) https://www.childbereavementuk.org/supporting-bereaved-children-and-young-people

  2. Child Bereavement UK - Remembering someone who dies. This video includes ideas for activities that can take place at home – such as creating (or adding to) memory boxes with stories of memories, letters to the deceased person, drawings or paintings.          https://www.childbereavementuk.org/remembering-someone-who-has-died


Support for young people (11yrs+)

  1. Young Minds https://youngminds.org.uk/blog/what-to-do-if-you-re-anxious-about-coronavirus/

  2. Young Minds crisis messenger  https://youngminds.org.uk/find-help/get-urgent-help/youngminds-crisis-messenger/ - text support from trained staff

  3. Childline

    https://www.childline.org.uk/ - Phone, online and email chat support from counsellors

  4. Kooth

    https://www.kooth.com/ - Online chat and support from counsellors



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