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Feelings come from inside. They let you know how you feel. Do you feel happy? Do you feel angry? Do you feel sad? Sometimes it is hard to tell and sometimes we don’t want to feel our feelings because they hurt but taking no notice of them doesn’t mean they go away. Sometimes you feel so many different things or feel so different from one moment to the next that it can feel really confusing. All that is very natural when someone close to you has died. Sometimes it can help to write things down or tell someone you trust or draw a picture.

You may be looking at our website because someone who is very important to you has died or maybe someone special is very very poorly.  You are not alone.  Lots of children we meet feel very lonely and that can make them feel sad or angry or worried.  It can be very confusing and you can feel lonely.  Sometimes it is hard to know who to talk to.  We meet lots of children like you and we are here to help.

We just want someone who’ll be there and help us get through it.

What we can offer?

Home and school visits

One of our trained volunteers will come and meet you where you would feel most comfortable.  We will have a chat and find out how we can help t you.

NEST (aimed at young people aged 12 years +)

This group works to promote experiential processes to alleviate grief for adolescents using a program which has been designed and offers a creative approach.  This is currently being offered twice yearly over four sessions during one evening a month fr a duration of four months.

However, we are reflective in our practice and always striving to improve the support we are able to offer an have considered how to develop this program by accommodating the demand therefore, we will be trialling out a six weekly program this year which will offer more continuity and work towards a more direct support approach when working with young people's stages of grief.

CHYPS (aimed at young children below the age of 11 years) 

These are family group sessions for family members to express their thoughts and feelings in a supportive environment through creative activities with other family groups, this program has been developed and created by the CBUK team.

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