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Dear Parent/Guardian

We recognise that the Coronavirus situation is a difficult time for many children and young people, particularly those who have been bereaved. 

It is not unusual for situations like this to bring about a new wave of grief for children and young people who have been bereaved in the past. Those who have been bereaved as a result of the virus may find it difficult to understand, and may find restrictions on saying goodbye and seeing family hard. 

Although we cannot offer face to face help at this time we can offer bereavement support via phone, text, email and online. We can provide parents and carers with advice and guidance on how to best help their grieving child. We can directly speak with young people over the phone, or through text or video calling, to help them express themselves and explore their feelings.

If you would like our help please get in touch.

Simply send your name and contact telephone number to (for confidentiality reasons PLEASE do not send any other personal information at this point). We will aim to contact you via phone within 10 working days. 

Please remember -

Whatever children and young people feel is OK – they may feel ok, or (for example) low or anxious. We all deal with grief and times of change differently, and that is OK - please do let them know this.


14th April 2020

Kath Brownlee

Bereavement Service Lead

Wiltshire Treehouse

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