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Group Work:


Family Programme - Sessions are led by an experienced worker and the programme is open to children aged 6-11yrs. Children come along with an adult (commonly a parent or guardian) and they take part together. 

The Family Programme is a chance for children to spend time doing a range of outside and indoor activities with other children who have all been bereaved. It reduces the sense of isolation that often comes after a bereavement.

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NEST - is our group programme for adolescents. It uses creative activities which allow young people to explore their feelings in a safe environment.

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School Support:

We can make sure your school has the best advice on how to support your child. This can include advice on being aware of particularly difficult times in the year such as anniversaries, birthdays etc and creating opportunities for your child to talk when they need to. 



We have create a free Information Pack for parents and carers which covers how children grieve, what can help them and some of the common questions we are asked. To request a copy please see our Resources page



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