Post Bereavement

Our NEST bereavement support group is tailored to the needs of those in school year 7 and up.


The group takes place over 6 sessions which are run by skilled and experienced staff and volunteers. Over the 6 sessions young people remember the person who has died, the feelings they have experienced and continue to experience, and they explore a range of techniques to help them manage feelings and situations that may cause them difficulties. The aim of the programme is to provide young people with a greater understanding of how their loss has effected them, and to give them a range of coping strategies to move forward with.


Each young person will take part and share as much or as little as makes them feel comfortable, and we remind each participant that their journey is an individual one and what they feel is OK.


Our NEST group takes place at various points across the year. Before being allocated a place on the course each young person will be met by a member of the team to assess suitability and begin the process of relationship building.


If you would like more information please get in touch.


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