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Wiltshire Treehouse offers advice and creative programmes that support the social and emotional well-being of bereaved children and young people. We offer a relaxed, safe and inclusive environment in which people can explore and grow to understand their grief. At Wiltshire Treehouse children can meet others, share stories, make a connection and help each other.


Advice & information

We can provide advice, guidance and reassurance to children, young people, parents & carers. We can do this over the phone, or in person.


Group Work

Family Programme - Sessions are led by an experienced worker and the programme is open to children aged 6-11yrs. 

The Family Programme (formerly CHYPS) is specially designed for bereaved families. By using practical activities the programme provides children and members of their family the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings together, and alongside other families.

Family Group Leaflet.pdf


NEST - NEST has been designed to meet the needs of grieving young people. By using creative activities NEST provides participants with the opportunity to explore thoughts, feelings and coping strategies, alongside their peers.

Swindon NEST, for young people in school years 7 - 13.pdf

Wiltshire NEST, for young people in school years 6 - 11.pdf


School Support

We can make sure your school has the best advice on how to support your child. This can include advice on being aware of particularly difficult times in the year such as anniversaries, birthdays etc and creating opportunities for your child to talk when they need to. 



We have created a free Information Pack for parents and carers which covers how children grieve, what can help them and some of the common questions we are asked. To request a copy please see our Resources page



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