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Wiltshire Treehouse can offer bespoke training solutions for organisations across the social care, education, health, voluntary and community sectors. The below information relates to professionals who work with children and young people. However, we can also offer bereavement training to the corporate sector to help teams better understand how to support their bereaved adult colleagues.  

Children will often look to the adults already in their life if they need help with managing a bereavement. Most children will cope well with grief if they can access quality support.

Our training helps professionals to feel confident and well resourced, and able to react effectively when a bereaved child needs support.

We are a trusted training provider and our high quality, bespoke training will help your team to develop the skills and confidence needed to offer bereavement support to the people you work with.


Bespoke Training Packages

Below are details about some of our commonly requested training packages. However, we will work with you to ensure you receive the best training for your organisation.

  • 1hr virtual workshop - an introduction into how children and young people grieve, and what can help them.
  • 3hr virtual training - Understand the grieving process, age related grieving behaviours and practical methods of support. Understand how you can signpost for specialist support.
  • Full day (6hrs) - The grieving process, age related grieving behaviours, practical methods of support & signposting. Also, creative therapeutic activities and understanding risk factors for complicated grief.

Additional training around traumatic bereavement and supporting children bereaved by suicide is also available.


 All funds raised through our training help us to run our services for local, bereaved children & young people.



Feedback from some of our training participants

“The staff were amazing, really knowledgeable”

“I have more confidence in handling raw conversations with the children I work with”

“I will go away and use the creative and therapeutic ideas, thank you!”



For bookings and queries please contact: Kath Brownlee, Service Director | | 07493 509750

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