Memory Kits

Craft activities can help children and young people to open up about their feelings, as well as creating a tangible item that can help with remembering their special person.

Wiltshire Treehouse have put together 2 activity kits which can be used by parents/carers and professionals as an opportunity to focus on special memories and to facilitate conversation if needed.


A Moment to Remember Activity Pack

A moment to remember

Create a keepsake using coloured salt to represent memories of a special person, making a record of the colours and memories as you go. The chalks provided can be mixed to provide a diverse range of colours.

Pack includes: Coloured chalk, Mini funnel, Display tube, Tube seal, Cotton balls, Salt, Instruction leaflet.

Cost: £10.00 each, or 2 for £16.00


Festive Memory Decoration

Festive Decoration

When you are grieving on special occasions like Christmas, it can be difficult. They can be a reminder of happy memories and also of how much your child misses the person who died.

Making time to remember and celebrate your child’s loved one can help, and one way to do this is to make a special Christmas decoration.

Kit includes: 1 wooden ornament, a sweet treat, supportive tips for the festive season.

Cost: £5.00 each, or 2 for £8.00


How to order: Please email to arrange payment and we will forward your items via Royal Mail. Each pack/kit is small enough to fit through a letter box.

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